Welcome back to our blog! In our last blog post [LINK], we talked about 3 common commercial door repairs that business owners in Houston may encounter. Hardware replacements, door and frame alignment, and door sealing are common issues that the Commercial Door Service team sees regularly. In many cases, we can repair your door. However, sometimes we can’t. Today, on our blog we are going to talk about those times when repair will suffice and when replacement is necessary.


Corrosion that is allowed to go on without any heed can wreak havoc on a commercial front door. Rust and other related damage is usually caused by moisture that becomes trapped between the jam and the door. Corrosion causes structural damage that can not only be the reason your door becomes weak, and functions poorly, but also a corroded door can give the opportunity for a breach in the security of your building. Often a commercial door can be saved if the corrosion is on the surface; a simple scrubbing with a wire brush will do the trick to get rid of the rust. However, if even a little rust remains after a cleaning, it is best to replace the door or the frame.

Bent Frames

As mentioned in our last blog, at times the alignment of some commercial doors can occur. In many cases a simple adjustment to the door itself or the track can get the door back on track (pun intended) and functioning well again; in some cases, however, a door or it’s frame can become bent beyond repair due to an accident,or normal use. Depending on the type of commercial front door that your building has, the need to get any alignment issues fixed or a door replaced will be of the utmost importance to avoid further damaging your door.

Old Doors

Commercial front doors tend to last a long time, especially when you buy your doors from Commercial Door Service and invest in proper door maintenance. However, there are times when it’s time to say goodbye to old doors. There can be many reasons for needing to replace a door, but most of them, unless the door has sustained damage from an accident will be due to age and the wear and tear of daily use. There are also times when a facelift is needed or a security upgrade is must and a new commercial door system must be installed to give your storefront an updated look or to support newer, and better security systems.

Need Repair Services or Replacement?

Do you need repair or replacement of your commercial front doors? Are building a new location in Houston and need high-quality commercial doors? Regardless of you needs, Commercial Door Service is here to help. We provide high-quality door options, as well as comprehensive repair services. If you are unsure if your door needs repair or replacement, contact us! We’d love to help your doors look good, function easily, and secure your building as they should. Visit our website today!