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Welcome back to the Commercial Door Service blog! Here you can find information about your doors, the history of components such as the panic bar, and more. Today, however, we are switching gears and talking about how to make your business successful. There is a lot to making a business stand out and succeed, and today we are going to talk about one of the major elements — marketing. 

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4 Marketing Tactics for Brick & Mortar Businesses

With the rise of the internet and the popularity of Amazon, many brick and mortar businesses feel as though they are losing out to ecom competition. However, there are ways to still win the game and find success — all it takes is knowing how to attract and keep the attention of your potential customers.  

Install Visible Signs

First and most basic step for drawing business is to have visible signage. This may seem like an obvious point. However, you would be surprised at the number of businesses that don’t think about their signage. You must invest in a sign that your clients will be able to see as they look for your business, as well as one that shows off your branding. In addition to your main sign, you may want to invest in a clapboard sign or other temporary outdoor signage — these can be placed directly outside your business to let customers know about current specials or nearby in a large sidewalk that has a lot of foot traffic. Get more customers by literally pointing them in the right direction with a sign. 

Create a Destination

Another key to drawing in your clientele is to create a destination — there needs to be a reason why your clients want to take the time to drive to your location and shop there versus just buying what they need online. Your physical location isn’t just where you conduct business; it is a means of creating an experience, and that is ultimately what any client is looking for. To create a unique experience that will set you apart and draw your clients in time after time, you must integrate your branding and the needs of your customers. Those shopping at a boutique are looking for a different experience than those who are stopping by their local hardware store. As you think about creating your “destination,” consider the demographics of your customers and what you can offer them besides simply your goods or services. 

Utilize Social Media

Creating a loyal client base isn’t just about what you do with your physical location; it is also about what you are doing online. Because so much of what we do is online and due to the heavy use of smartphones, you must consider your presence on the internet. Creating social media accounts is essential for your brick and mortar location: it will allow your customers to find you, for you to interact with your customers, and to earn their loyalty. By creating content that is relevant to your customers, you will naturally draw in your target clientele. Additionally, doing giveaways and exclusive social media offers and providing incentives for customers to follow your page or account can all draw more of an online following, and, ultimately, more foot traffic into your physical location.  

Build A Customer Database

Though social media is an effective way to build a clientele, a customer database can further contribute to your success. By creating an email list of clients, you can have direct communication with them and offer them valuable information, inform them of upcoming specials, offer incentives, and more. A newsletter and regular communication with your clients will keep your name on their mind and make them more likely to frequent your store. However, always make sure that your communication with them is concise and valuable — do not spam their inbox! 

Install the Right Doors

After discussing social media and creating customer database, speaking to the doors you have installed at your physical location may seem inconsequential. However, they do make a difference! Besides keeping the bugs out and securing your business, they also communicate your brand and are part of the experience that you create for your clients. Also, they must function well to keep your clients coming back. Why? No one likes to fight with a door that easily jams, won’t open correctly, or is difficult to work with — why would your clients want to? Having ill-working doors can deter your clients from visiting your location. 

Don’t let something so simple and easily fixed affect your client base and bottom line. Call Commercial Door Service for commercial door repair and installation. We have over two decades of experience helping businesses in Houston up their security and have doors that allow them to be successful. Call us for installations, repairs, and emergencies — we have your back!