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The installation of security doors whether they are made of wood, steel or aluminum is one of the best methods for deterring a potential break-in at your place of business.

Security doors are now being manufactured better than ever and can provide excellent protection for an affordable price. We work with companies like SteelCraft and Ceco.

Commercial Door Service specializes in keeping businesses secure with the sales and installation of security door systems. We will inspect your place of business and help you determine which solution is going to be the best for you.

We Sell & Install The Following Types Of Security Doors:

  • Automatically Locking Security Doors
  • Powered Security Doors
  • Steel Security Doors
  • Keypad Security Doors
  • Fire Exit Doors
  • One-Way Security Doors

Who Needs Security Doors For Their Business?

  • Businesses that might be located in areas of high crime.
  • Businesses that are in low-traffic locations.
  • Businesses that are not in well-lit areas.

Don’t let your business become a victim because you didn’t take the time to make sure you had proper locking systems and security measures in place. Commercial Door Service is an expert at helping business owners prevent losses and vandalism through well-thought-out security door systems and lock installations. Call us — we serve Houston, Galveston, Pearland, Pasadena!

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