Hello! Welcome back to the Commercial Door Service blog! On our blog, we talk about all things relating to commercial door repair, service, and installation. Lately, we have been talking about one of the main components of a commercial door — the panic bar. The panic bar was invented in response to safety shortcomings of traditional, archaic commercial doors. Panic bar doors are a main component of most modern commercial doors and they provide many benefits. In addition to better safety, panic bars also provide a variety of options so you can have a panic bar that fits your needs and your budget. To learn more about these benefits, read part one of our short blog series. Otherwise, keep reading to learn about three more benefits that panic bars provide.  


Installing panic bars on your doors or installing commercial doors with panic bars on them is an  affordable choice. Of course, it can be an initial investment as is any building upgrade, but once you experience the savings available to you from installing a commercial door, as well as the greater peace of mind that comes with it, the investment will seem well worth it.   

Decreased Insurance Rates

How do you experience savings? Through decreased insurance rates. When you invest in panic bars, you save on your monthly insurance premium because you have increased your safety precautions. Other ways of upping the security in your building that can save your business money is through installing carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and more. Also, customers may enjoy frequenting your business more often when they know that you are thinking of their safety and investing in building upgrades that could benefit them.  


As we have discussed in several previous blog posts, panic bars were first installed as a safety precaution, then equipped with more safety features. Panic bars and their function have been perfected over the years and, as long as you’ve kept up with your maintenance and called for commercial door repair service when you need it, your doors will work. Hopefully, you will never be faced with an emergency situation in which your doors could be the difference between life and death, but if they are, your panic bars will provide a way out.

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