"5 Benefits of commercial door panic bars"

Welcome back to the Commercial Door Service blog! Lately, we have been discussing the history of the panic bar that is on nearly every commercial door. The panic bar wasn’t always a part of our daily lives and actually was invented in response to tragic events. To learn more about how the panic bar came to be, read our recent blog post. Otherwise, stick around to learn more about the benefits of a panic bar.

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5 Benefits of Panic Bars

The panic bar is one thing that most people have taken for granted. It’s a main component of commercial doors that we encounter on a daily basis. It doesn’t seem like anything special. It is simply a part of our lives. However, panic bars provides everyone — whether they be a business owner, building manager, or customer — benefits that are undeniable. Keep reading to learn more!


If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs,  you will have read about how panic bars were implemented as a means to improve commercial and public building safety. They allow easy access for those inside a building while also providing necessary security. With the implementation of commercial doors with panic bars, in the event of an emergency, there is less of a chance that occupants of the building will be trampled. Panic bars also allow for the implementation of alarm system installation; if someone enters or exits an unauthorized entrance, an alarm sounds.


Panic bars come as a main component of many types of commercial doors allowing you the variety you need to purchase a door that fits your needs. You can choose a door based on your security needs, budget, and building style. Three main types of commercial doors include:

  • Contemporary Touchbar – allows for the alarms and keycard admittance and fits a variety of building styles.
  • Traditional Touchbar – accommodates heavy use.
  • Economical Touchbar – the most basic panic bar that will fit building code and safety requirements.

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Stay Tuned to Learn More

Panic bars offer three more benefits that we will cover in our next blog post — stay tuned! To learn more about what commercial door repair services we provide, visit our website! We have been servicing the Houston area with professional commercial door services for over twenty years.