"5 Benefits of commercial door repair."

Welcome back! Last time on the Commercial Service Blog, we discussed the benefits of window sign painting for your business. Something that is so aesthetically pleasing can seem a little superfluous. However, when it comes to attracting customers and communicating your brand, it’s all about aesthetics. To learn more about one of the most affordable means to advertise for your business this holiday season, read “What Can Window Sign Painting Provide Your Business?”

3 Benefits For Repairing Your Business’s Door

When it’s the holiday season, repairing the doors of your business can seem like a secondary concern compared to the goal at hand — meeting your bottom line during the holiday season. However, the benefits of repairing your doors could be one of the most advantageous decisions you make during the holiday season.

Increased Security

During the holiday season, you will most likely have more inventory on site. This means there is even more to tempt possible thieves or burglars. The increased security will not only keep miscreants out of your proverbial hair and out of your life, but it will give you peace of mind knowing that your investment is safe. During such a pivotal part of the business year, why leave anything to chance?




Increasing the safety of your business is a must. During the holiday season, you may have more people frequenting your business which means more people will be using your business’s doors. Often this extra use can lead to an increase in wear and the need to keep up with said subsequent repairs. If you aren’t sure how your doors are doing, a way to know, is to look at them, judge their functionality, and check their use rating. However, the best way to know how your doors are doing is to call for commercial door maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Temperatures are dropping and even though temperatures don’t plummet in Houston as much as they do in other places around the country, you may still need to run the heat to keep your space comfortable. Doors that don’t open or close property can significantly decrease your building’s energy efficiency, which directly affects that bottomline that you are working so hard to meet this holiday season. Doors that seal properly and don’t stay open longer than they should will protect your energy bill.

Is it Time to Repair Your Business’s Doors

Are your business’s doors in need of repair or even replacement? Call Commercial Door Service! We are Houston’s Top Rated Local® commercial door service repair and installation provider. We have been serving the area for over ten years and can provide emergency services to keep your business running all holiday season long. Visit our website to learn more about our services and to call Commercial Door Service for the services that you need!