"6 Most Common Garage Door Issues"

Welcome back to the Commercial Door Service blog! In our last blog post, we began discussing common commercial garage door repair issues. The three issues we highlighted were:

  • Damaged Torsion Spring – when your door forcefully shuts or doesn’t have the power to open.
  • Damaged Cables – when your garage door consistently slams shut.
  • Damaged Motor –  when your door motor is making odd noises and garage door isn’t opening

Within the life of your garage, you will have to replace your torsion spring and cables regularly simply because of the wear that regular use puts on these parts. Read part one to learn about the tell-tale signs that these elements need replacing. However, keep reading to learn about three more issues that can require repair.

Is Your Garage Door on the Fritz?

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If you missed it, read part one!

Damaged Rollers

Signs of damage: Garage door no longer opens smoothly or opens at all.

What does it do?

The rollers of your garage door can become damaged due to wear and tear. However, dirt and debris can create issues as well. If your door isn’t working like it used to, the rollers may just need to be cleaned or in some cases completely replaced.

Damaged Section

Signs of damage: Garage door won’t or struggles to open or close.

What does it do?

Often an entire section of your garage door will need to be replaced. Replacing just a section can be a more cost-effective alternative to replacing the whole garage door.  

Improper Alignment

Signs of damage: Garage door won’t open or close or may rumble when opening.

What does it do?

Often because of damaged tracks or other issues, you may need the alignment of your door fixed or the tracks of your door replaced. Not fixed the alignment of your door right away can put more wear and tear on the other parts of your door, namely the other track.

Need Garage Repair? Call the Professionals Right Away!

It is easy to wait to call for repairs until the need is dire: it might not be in the budget to fix the door or you might be in your busiest season, and repairs may interfere with productivity. However, garage doors that are only kinda working are extremely dangerous and can quickly become completely unusable. Instead of jerry-rigging a fix, which can be as dangerous as a broken door, call the professionals!

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