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Welcome back to the Commercial Door Service blog! In our last blog, we discussed some of the most famous doors that exist. As a bonus one, we talked about the doors from the hobbit houses in Lord Of The Rings. This got us all thinking, what about doors from other movies and tv series? With the way pop culture has infiltrated our daily lives, we are sure that you will recognize these doors, maybe even more than the doors in real life. Remember, for any of your door needs that your commercial door experts in Houston can help you.

In both television and film, doors can be used to represent a wide variety of things including character relationships and emotions. They can be a symbol of the way the character’s emotional state is at any moment. Much like the real world, they can be used to show a separation of worlds as well. Maybe our separation from the world is a little less dramatic than a movie like The Wizard Of Oz, but it is a separation nonetheless. Here are 10 doors that are iconic to both film and television.

The Red Doors In Ghostbusters

1984’s Ghostbusters has pleased audiences for generations. The all-star cast with the horror/ comedy genre makes for a fun and loveable movie that has been referenced in other films and television shows for years. In the movie, the team buys an old firehouse as their base of operations. On the front of the firehouse are the big red doors that you would recognize right away whether you have seen the movie all the way through or not. The firehouse in the movie is actually used as a real firehouse to this day, and guess what? They still have those same iconic doors on the front. So if you are ever in New York City, stop off and see the beautiful doors for yourself.

Monica’s Apartment Door In Friends

The television show  Friends has been a show that has delighted audiences around the world since the 90s. The door in Monica’s apartment is a vibrant purple with a golden square surrounding the peephole. This door was used countless times to show relationships between the characters and provide for some great bits of comedy. The door is even so iconic to fans of the series, that on the final shot of the very last episode, the purple door is shown as being closed one final time as the characters move on with new things in their lives. 

The Front Doors in Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey’s house is just as much of a character as the actors themselves in the show. The beautiful architecture is accented by a gothic front door that is easily recognizable. This front courtyard serves as the backdrop to some of the most iconic scenes from the show including the lining up of all the servants to greet guests. 

Door To The Emerald City

The Wizard Of Oz inspired movies to use color to punctuate emotion and setting. To this day, it is used in film classes all around the country to show how emotion can be captured simply by showing rather than saying with a beautiful palette. One of the places where this is shown the best is when they reach the Emerald City. The large purple and green door is shown as an opposition to our protagonists because it also has a similar color scheme to the Wicked Witch of the West symbolizing that something is not right. This door was one of the first moments in cinema where a door became an icon for film buffs.

The Gated Entrance in Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park has captured the audience’s imaginations for years. It shaped what many kids thought of dinosaurs and inspired others to become paleontologists. One of the most iconic scenes from this film is when our protagonists enter the park itself. There are giant wooden gates that allow our audience to be transported from the current world to the prehistoric era in a simple swing of these giant doors. Sadly, these doors were torn down after filming and now all that remains are two wooden poles to mark where they once were hurting both door and film fans alike.

The Door to Jerry’s Apartment in Seinfeld 

What was up with apartment doors in 90s sitcoms? Both Seinfeld and Friends used doors as a means to show off comedic prowess. Jerry’s Apartment was often a meeting spot for our favorite group of protagonists. Whether it was the episode where no one can be trusted with keys to the apartment anymore or an episode where Kramer came bursting into the apartment at inopportune times, the basic white door has always been used as a way to showcase how any prop can be used to make audiences laugh.

The Entrance To The Mines Of Moria

The Lord Of The Rings trilogy boasts a lot of doors and entrances to places that are fantastical and beautiful all at the same time. The Mines of Moria is one of those. It is only able to be opened once the party of characters figures out a riddle. As the moon shines upon the doorway it casts a beautiful white light marking the entrance to the mines. Once it does, it opens into a dark cave that sharply contrasts the beauty of the door itself.

The Great Hall

The Harry Potter series is filled with iconic creatures and characters. The castle ends up becoming just as much of a character as Harry and his friends. Part of why the castle becomes this way is because of the magical scene in which Harry first enters the Great Hall. The doors leading in are at least a hundred feet tall and they seem to open only with the help of magic.

The Entrance To Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

In both the original and the remake, the entrance to the Chocolate factory boasts an iconic scene for both movies. In the original, it is because Willy Wonka tricks the children there to see him that has issues with his leg but then does a roll to show them that he was just messing around. In the remake, gray doors open to reveal a very bizarre puppet show as a welcome to the factory. Both of the doors shown in these aren’t particularly amazing, but they do serve as a great backdrop to contrast the exciting element of visiting a fantastical chocolate factory.

Shreks Outhouse Door

The first scene of Shrek includes a lot of funny moments because it sets up the idea that it is not your typical fantasy movie. With it comes the famous moment where we end up finding out that he is actually in his outhouse and he slams open the door to it. This scene started what would become one of the biggest animation franchises in the past 20 years.

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