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Whether you think about it or not, doors are one of the few constants in our world. They allow access to our homes and businesses. Sadly, as many doors as there are in this world, they aren’t typically that unique. These doors can be something as ornate with carvings set into the door or something as simple as painting it a vibrant color. This is why your commercial door repair experts have compiled some of the most famous doors in the world.

The Columbus Door

Built by Randolph Rogers in 1860, this door is on the first floor of the American capitol building. When it was originally built, it did not get installed until three years after it was built. It was moved to its current location from the old location in 1961 when an eastern extension was made to the capitol building. It weighs 20,000 pounds and it’s roughly 17 feet tall. It depicts the life events of Christopher Columbus and how he came to the “New World”.  You can view all of the details on this door here.

221b Baker Street, London

You may recognize this from one of the most famous detectives that the world has ever seen, Sherlock Holmes. This was the place in which he and his sidekick, Watson, resided. At the time that the first Sherlock Holmes novel was written, A Study In Scarlet, this address did not actually exist. As London began to expand, so did this street. So fiction finally became a reality. Years later, a Holmes museum opened up at 239 Baker Street. This museum actually attempted a claim at the 221B address, which they ended up getting. This may seem odd, but the door that originally was on 221B is not the door that is famous and it is actually the new door at what used to be 239 Baker. Take a look at the full history here.

10 Downing Street, London

This black door is perhaps one of the most iconic doors of all time simply because of the history that it holds. It is the door to the British Prime Ministers’ headquarters and has been since 1735. It has seen peaceful times and war-torn London. This door is simple, but the history that it has seen is unparalleled.

95 Theses Door

Wittenburg castle church in Germany was a point of controversy, for the better part of the 1500s. Believed by Martin Luther to have been a church that was going against the values that its religion held, he nailed his 95 theses to the door. These theses were meant to show how the church itself was failing and where it needed to be reformed. These theses were part of what sparked the protestant reformation in the 1500s. In 1858, a Prussian king ordered bronze cased doors to replace the wooden doors that were there before. These doors were inscribed with the 95 theses in Latin. The door remains there still to this day. 

The Holy Door Of St. Peters Basilica

The holy door is a beautifully built door that is only opened during the year of the Jubilee in Catholic culture. The door consists of 16 different religious images that were designed by artists like Michelangelo and Bramante. It is only open every 25 years, and the next time it will be opened is 2025. Passing through the door is significant because it is meant to symbolize the passing of a person passing into the god’s arms. 

Chepstow Castle

The patterned doors have been in the stone castle since 1190. It is located in Wales and is the oldest castle door that is still standing in Europe. This original gate can still be viewed today. The wooden door has a beautiful patchwork feel to it. It may look beat up now, but it has never had to be restored so it is completely original and a true piece of history. You can view it and the rest of the castle in this article here.

Palais Royal

Located at the King of Morocco’s palace in Fez, it is one of the most beautiful doors on the list. The door has bronze star-patterned inlays with cedar and bronze handles. In Morocco, the doors are meant to be the most striking piece of a building, so oftentimes, you will see a relatively simple building with beautiful ornate doors.

The Palmer House

The palmer house in Chicago is home to this beautiful decorative door. The door itself is not a part of the original hotel. The original hotel was built only two months prior to the great fire that swept through Chicago in 1871. The original hotel was built completely out of wood, so it burned along with almost every other building in the area. After this, Palmer decided to build the first hotel that would be completely fireproof. The rebuild was done by 1875 and stood there until 1925 when the hotel was renovated. During this renovation was when the famous Peacock doors were installed.

St. Edwards Church

The doors themselves are beautiful in their own right, but what makes these doors so famous are the two things that are beside them. Two huge yew trees remain on each side of the doors themselves. This entrance is rumored to have inspired J.R.R. Tolkien when he wrote the Fellowship Of The Ring.

The Hobbit Door

Pop culture has infected everything in our society and one of the largest parts of that is The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. If people are asked what the most unique door is in a movie, many people would probably say the green hobbit door from this trilogy. It has a certain iconic feel to it that other doors simply haven’t captured. 

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