"The most haunted places in Houston"

Welcome back to the Commercial Door Service blog! Earlier this month we began talking about some of Houston’s most haunted places. Unless you do your own ghost hunting it is hard to know if whether that bump that you heard in the night or that time the door opened by itself was due to the building settling, a draft, or something paranormal. Today, we are going to share five  more of Houston’s most haunted places.

Battleship Texas

Ghosts can haunt any place including ships. The Battleship Texas, which served in both World Wars, is extremely haunted. Chattering and whispering has been reported to be heard throughout the ship and a red-headed sailor dressed in white has been seen around the ship. Though the identity of this sailor is still unknown, he has been seen regularly standing at one particular ladder and smiling. The Battleship Texas proves that where there are people, there will be ghosts.

Julia Ideson Building

The Julia Ideson Building is one of the most haunted buildings in Houston. Even though it may seem like a quiet place to catch up on some reading, you may not be alone. Jacob Frank Cramer, the library’s watchman and caretaker, and his trusted companion Petey, his dog wander the halls. It is reported that since Cramer’s death in 1936 that footsteps can be heard throughout the building and the sound of a violin being played echos from the library’s basement.

Jefferson Davis Hospital

Jefferson Davis Hospital isn’t a place that you want to go alone at night. Incessant whispering can be heard during the night, apparitions of infants, soldiers, and others have been seen. Also, when you walk about the building you will probably get an overwhelming feeling of being watched or may suddenly smell sterilization solutions that may have been used in the hospital many years ago. History states that the original hospital was built on top of a cemetery in which those that died of yellow fever and during the Civil War may have been laid to rest. Today, those buried and those that died in the hospital haunt this building that has been converted into a living space.

National Museum of Funeral History

If you love the macabre, the national museum of funeral history is a place you need to visit. The museum is dedicated to sharing topics such as the history of funerals, the evolution of hearses, Popes who have passed on, the process of embalming, and much more. The most notable exhibit is the Coffins and Caskets of the Past. While you are taking in all that there is to see about the exhibit, you may also witness some paranormal activity. People have reported hearing whispering, yelling, and crying when perusing the coffins. One women even says she saw one coffin shake violently.

Cinemark Tinseltown

Like the National Museum of Funeral History, you may witness more than you paid for. Before its days as the place to catch the latest flick, the land was the site of a trailer park. Unfortunately in 1971, a fire devastated the park and took many lives with it as well. The souls of those that perished during that fire still haunt the theater as well as other apparitions. There have been sightings of a man beheading a young boy with a machete. As urban legend states, the boy was most likely murdered while living at the trailer park. It is said the ghost of the boy is seen around the theater and sometimes hides in the storage closet.

Who Are You Going to Call?

Whether or not your business is haunted or not, Commercial Door Service is here to help! We can’t help you out with your ghost problem, but we do offer commercial door repair so that you and the apparitions that traipse through your business can easily come and go as you please. We hope that you enjoyed learn some interesting Houston history. To learn more about our services, visit our website!