A glass commercial door in a shop.

A door does more than just keep the bugs out and secure your business after hours. It is a statement. A door communicates a lot about who you are as a business, what a client can expect, and can even deter a client from frequenting your establishment. How can something be so powerful? 

Today, on the Commercial Door Service blog, we are going to tell you what the doors of your storefront communicate to potential clients and customers. If you are in need of commercial door repair, installation, or maintenance, call Commercial Door Service! We offer the services you need to keep your business running, rain or shine. Visit our website to book an appointment!  

What Does Your Door Communicate About Your Business?

Hundreds of years ago, a store front was simply the front of the building with a sign, and maybe some defining decorative attributes. In small towns, these businesses may have been the only establishment that offered a particular service or type of goods. However, in our modern era, a storefront has to do so much more. 

In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of creating an experience and drawing potential customers into your business: what you present — how your brick-and-mortar business looks, can make or break your success. Today, we are going to discuss what your business’ storefront and doors say about you. 

Type of Business

The type of business you offer will determine the type of doors you have installed. Clothing boutiques may have different doors than a locksmith simply because your business offers a different service or good, and the experience that you offer your clients is completely different. A boutique benefits from having all glass doors because it can easily showcase the clothing you offer your clients. However, a door for a locksmith may be constructed from solid materials because allowing clients to see the interior of the business is less crucial. 


A door can also communicate your business’ branding. Using the same example, a clothing store may opt for a simplistic, elegant door to match the overall look of the storefront and a business’ branding. However, a locksmith may use a solid door with a window painted in the same or complementing color of their logo. Both businesses are using their doors to communicate the branding of their business, but the way they do so is different due to what their customers are looking for. 

What They Can Expect

In the same way, the storefront of your business shows what your business offers potential customers. Certain types of doors can show the price range of a business, the environment — or what they will experience — and as we mentioned above, your branding. The type of doors an upscale restaurant will have will be different than the doors of your local mall or vet’s office. Easily show what your potential customers can expect with a door style that matches what you have to offer. 

Welfare of Business

Your doors can also communicate the level of professionalism that you have to offer your clients. A poorly maintained door may be unknowingly telling clients that your services are sub-par and not as good as what the competition down the street offers. Don’t lose out on business simply because your doors need to be replaced or need some extra TLC. Maintain your storefront and make a good first impression — you only get one chance to make a first impression — make it count! 

Do your doors need to be replaced, repaired, or maintained? Call Commercial Door Service! We serve the Houston area with Top Rated Local® commercial door repair. From big corporations to small mom-and-pop establishments, we have what you need to keep your doors looking good and working well for years to come.