"Why do I need a panic bar?"

If you’ve never heard of a crash bar, the first thing that may have come to mind is something related to NASCAR or maybe something having to do with traffic. However — as you may have suspected — a crash bar is a part that is in many cases a universal element of all commercial doors. You have most likely seen it, but just didn’t realize it when you’ve frequented office buildings, schools, the mall, or any other store. Today, on the Commercial Door Service blog, we are going to talk about why crash bars are so important and how they could even save your life someday.

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5 Reasons Your Door Needs a Crash Bar

If you have read any of our past blogs detailing the history of panic bars, you would know that they were invented out of outrage at gruesome tragedies that were experienced both here and in Europe in which hundreds of people and, in one case, hundreds of children died due to insufficient doors being in place. A crash bar is a non-negotiable safety must and today that will provide you and your customers benefit.


The crash bar is the “bar-shaped” metal fixture in the middle of commercial doors. To open the door, simply push against the bar. This simple action to open the door allows for quick exit of the building and — if working properly — will open reliably. Crash bars can provide additional benefits: some doors are even equipped with alarms. The main idea behind a crash bar is that it will open easily, quickly, allowing for rapid exist of a building and avoidance of a trampling.


Crash bars, also known as panic bars come in all shapes and sizes to fit multiple styles of doors. Panic Bars can be found on wooden doors, metal doors, glass doors, and others. Some crash bars will even be installed vertical, versus the typical horizontal mechanism style to accommodate various door styles. Because there are so many styles of doors with crash bars, it allows for accommodating a wide range of budgets.




If you don’t have crash bars on the doors of your building, you may be wondering “how much will this cost me?” Thankfully panic doors are a relatively inexpensive investment compared to other building upgrades and even other commercial doors. Though prices will vary, it is safe to assume that the best doors with crash bars will cost you $300 each while others will only cost $100. Though it could be easy to put this investment off, especially if you have multiple doors to replace, having the right safety precautions can help you from being liable if an unfortunate event should happen and will give you peace of mind. Additionally, it may save your business money in the long run.

Decreased Insurance Rates

Those offering business insurance often decrease insurance premiums due to increases in building safety. While you are improving the safety of your building, you may consider what other measures to take — you may see a significant return on your investment.

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