Does your business need a security door? You may not know where to begin. At Commercial Door Services in Houston, we’ve serviced a variety of different security doors throughout the years. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly, which is why we’ve provided you with some guidelines to help you choose the best security door for your establishment.

Steel or Aluminum?

The biggest question we hear customers ask is whether they should purchase a steel or aluminum door. For the strongest door, steel is the way to go. However, steel is not as resistant to corrosion as aluminum. In certain cases, aluminum doors match the aesthetic better, which could be a plus. If you do decide to go with an aluminum door, make sure to pick one that is 316 marine grade and it must include stainless steel mesh in its design.

Sometimes suppliers try to sell non-compliant aluminum security doors to their customers to make a quick buck. Remember, unless it contains stainless steel mesh, it’s not worth it. Don’t buy a door from these people because they know better.

Stay Away From Cheap Makes and Models

We really want to drive this point home; your security door is designed to protect your business, so don’t settle for the cheapest version available. You could live to regret it. Prior to shopping for your security door, do your research and make sure to ask the right questions during your search.

Locks and Handles

Buy security doors with only the highest-quality locks and hinges to remain as safe as possible. Stay away from surface mounted locks and instead opt for mortice locks. Mortice locks are locks with a body situated inside the framework of the door. A surface mounted lock can be easily smashed with a hammer, so do not purchase one.


If you have a steel security door, you’ll need a welded-on pin hinge to provide the highest level of security. Pin hinges are welded to a frame that is bolted to the wall. Because steel doors are so heavy, they require some hefty hinges.

Because aluminum doors are lighter weight, they require aluminum security door hinges, which are customized butt hinges with a pin that locks into the door frame.

Manufacturer Location

It’s best to avoid purchasing doors made in other countries. In the case that you experience difficulties and need the company to fix it, you could wait months if you purchased it from an overseas company.


When purchasing a door, make sure you obtain a good warranty in writing. Don’t buy any door with a warranty for under a year. Of course, a warranty will cost you, but it will be far less than the cost of completely replacing the door should something go wrong.

By following these guidelines and investing in a quality door, you should find the right security door for your business. If you have a security door or other door that needs service, contact the Commercial Door Service in Houston. We’re happy to help you with your business door repair and more.