Doors are one of those things that every business needs, but they’re so commonplace that the average person doesn’t stop to think about the ramifications of the different kinds of doors they could have in their business.

We can’t really blame anyone for not being joyously enthusiastic about doors, but we sure are at Commercial Door Service, and the reality is that there are definitely reasons to get certain types of commercial doors over others, and we want to help you understand what your options are. This is especially true for security!

Let’s explore some of the different types of security doors that Commercial Door Service can provide for you, and look at their unique purposes.

Automatically Locking Security Doors

Perhaps the most straightforward of the commercial doors that we offer, these security doors aren’t overly complicated; they’re locked, and when you unlock it, open it, and close it, it locks again. It’s basically a door that’s always locked, which means that nobody is getting through, unless they have the means to bypass the lock.

These doors are most typically used as the gateway between the public and private areas of your business, “private” in this instance meaning space that you don’t want the general public getting into. It might be used as the entryway to an office space, or as a partition that blocks off a sensitive area like a warehouse space or an important supply room.

Automatically locking security doors can lock on both sides, but usually the lock works one-way. This makes them ideal for areas that are highly trafficked by personnel, that you still want to keep off-limits from the public.

Powered Security Doors

Powered security doors are doors that, you guessed it, are powered by a source rather than being pushed or pulled open. For these doors to open, the mechanism that controls them has to approve of it first.

Powered security doors typically function two ways—they either open automatically when the correct “key” is presented, or they’re manually controlled by somebody. The latter can be useful for an office environment; many offices have an entryway with a powered security door that prevents access to the lobby unless a receptionist behind the desk approves entry. This keeps your business extra secure, because nobody is getting in unless they’ve been given express permission.

Powered doors, due to being electronic, can also use more sophisticated locking systems that are more advanced than the more traditional methods such as lock/key and deadbolts. If you’re in a position where you want highly effective locks, or you want to be able to control the lock remotely, a powered door is a good option for your business.

Steel Security Doors

Steel security doors are exactly what they sound like—big bulky commercial doors that are capable of taking quite a beating.

Steel security doors are heavy, capable, and send the message of “you’re not getting through this unless we let you.” Most businesses with relatively mild security concerns won’t have a huge need for steel doors, as their primary purpose is to be immune to somebody brute-forcing it open.

There are some doors where, if you try hard enough and you’re truly desperate, you can get through with force. A door with a mechanical lock can often be broken down with enough power, and other doors with glass windows or panes can, of course, be penetrated.

Steel doors are designed for spaces where a potential thief would try to resort to force if they can’t bypass the lock. If you’re wondering whether or not you need a steel door, a good question to ask is “would people likely want to get in here bad enough to break the whole door down?” If it’s something like a supply closet for internal employees, the answer is probably no. If it’s a door that guards important financial assets or highly sensitive and/or confidential information, the answer may very well likely be yes. Consider calling Commercial Door Services if you have a sensitive area of your business that needs to be protected at all costs.

Keypad Security Doors

Keypad doors are special security doors that use a form of digital clearance as an access method, rather than the traditional lock and key. This is beneficial for a few reasons—it’s more convenient for those who actually use the door, and it allows the door to use an electronic lock, which are often more powerful, and much more difficult to penetrate when you don’t have clearance. Due to the lack of physical components on the outside, you can’t just dig into the lock with a pick to force the door open; you’d have to actually break the door apart, which is much easier said than done.

Another great aspect of keypad doors is the ability to make changes and adjustments on the fly. Lock and key doors can be frustrating when you have a large volume of personnel using them. Any number of factors might require a change of access privileges; an employee might get fired, a thief might get their hands on a key, and so on. With traditional locks, you either have to revoke access to people’s keys, or change the locks entirely, which can be a major hassle when it’s a frequent occurrence.

Keypad locks allow you to program the access privileges for anyone who wants to use it. Want to lock someone out who previously had access? Change the code, easy as that. An additional benefit is that anybody who has clearance can get through without having to have the key on them. This makes a keypad door ideal for businesses with a lot of employees; it prevents access from outsiders, but lets all employees through without the inconvenience of having to accommodate them when they forget their key.

Fire Doors

If you happen to have a fire at your business, the last thing you want is for anyone to perish because they couldn’t get through the convoluted security door quick enough. Commercial Door Service’s fire escape doors are designed to be effective at keeping outsiders from entering, while being quick, easy, and efficient from the inside. These are doors that are designed for emergency use, so every bit of care is put into them to ensure that will be absolutely no complications if the time comes when they are needed.

Another important note is that these are engineered to be used in the event of a fire, so you won’t run into some of the problems you might encounter with a normal door, such as being unable to open it due to a burning hot handle.

One-Way Security Doors

Finally, there are one-way security doors. The use of these, again, is fairly self-explanatory. These are used for situations where you’re going in one way and going out another. One of the best applications for one-way doors is for them to be used as an exit. This is great for businesses where clients or employees need to exit, but have no business coming back in the same way. A movie theater is a good example of this; customers can leave directly out of the theater but will have to come back in through the front admission counters.

Security Doors For All of Your Professional Needs

At Commercial Door Service in Houston, we have every kind of door for your professional needs. When you don’t know what kind of doors are best for your business, it’s easy to either not have enough security or too much to the point of excessiveness. You don’t have to become a door expert—we’ve got that covered for you. Contact us today for a free quote, and ask about our special offers for first-timers!