Hello and welcome back to the Commercial Door Service! We offer commercial door solutions for those in the Houston area and beyond. Not only can we provide commercial door repair, but we also provide commercial door installation when there is simply no way to fix your current door. We have years of experience under our belt of helping large and small local businesses have the security and reliable entryways that allow them to carry on their day-to-day business. We understand how crucial having effective doors is to the functioning of your business.

If you need commercial door repair or installation, we hope that you will call Commercial Door Service every time, but if you are still unsure, here are qualities to look for in the company that you can trust to get the job done right.


The saying that your reputation precedes you is all too true. Often, you can learn more about a commercial door services company by simply asking around. However, online reviews are also a great resource as well. When looking for someone to service your door, make sure that they can install your particular type and brand of door. You deserve expert installation using high-quality parts by someone with a customer service attitude.  


Again, it is important to pick someone who has the expertise to get the job done right and right the first time. Choosing a company that has years of experience and access to the right parts and tools is important to not only get the installation of your door done correctly, but also for your peace of mind. No matter what kind of door that you have installed, the safety of you, your employees, and customers is reliant on the expertise and care of the person who installed your door.  

Turnaround Times

The turnaround time of installations and repairs is important as you consider who you will trust for your commercial door repair and installation. No matter if it is the back door or front door, you need a door that works. When you call for commercial door repair or installation, be sure to pick someone who can come fix your door as soon as possible. For us at Commercial Door Service, we don’t like to give our clients anything less than 24 hour service. We realize that when you need something fixed or installed, time is of the essence.


Cost is another main factor to consider. Though cost can’t always show you who you should choose for your installation of repair, it can definitely help show you who to ultimately hire. Be cautious of companies who offer too good to be true deals, but also be mindful of those that seem to be charging you exorbitant rates. When investigating who to call for commercial door repair or installation understand what you are getting for your service and again check reviews of the company as well.

We hope that you will choose Commercial Door Service everytime you need commercial door repair or commercial door installation. We have been providing high quality commercial door service for the Houston area for years.