Commercial building owners have unique security concerns when it comes to their property. Not only do the businesses housed inside need to be protected from theft, commercial buildings can also be targets for vandalism, protestors, an increased risk of burglaries during the holiday seasons. There are a number of practical steps that building owners can take to help make the building and the businesses inside of it more secure. Commercial Door Service has been working with Houston area businesses since 1998, and over the years we’ve learned a lot about commercial building security. Here are some of the best tips that we’ve learned in the last 20-plus years.

Tips for Boosting Building Security

Invest in a high-quality commercial front door.

The front door of your building is your first line of defense. It’s the most apparent access point to the building. So while you want it to welcome customers, you also want it to provide security to the people inside from unwanted intruders. The right commercial front door can do both. Look for doors that are made from high-quality materials and provide various locking and security options. The doors should provide visibility both in and out of the building but the glass should be shatter-resistant safety glass for an additional layer of protection.

Upgrade your locks from simple key-and-lock systems.

If you are still relying on lock-and-key systems, it’s time to upgrade the locks on your building. There are more sophisticated locks on the market that offer you a number of benefits. For instance, locks that utilize a passcode can be easily changed when an employee leaves or is fired to prevent unwelcome return visits. Locks that can be controlled remotely can give the right people access when they need it without the keyholder having to be on-site. It’s worth researching new lock options as they can boost your security while giving you more control and features without breaking your budget.

Boost the lighting on the property.

Adding lighting to your commercial property might be one of the easiest things that you can do for security. Make sure the lighting around your commercial building shines into all those dark corners where lurkers can hide. Good lighting is a deterrent not only for theft but also against attacks in parking lots or at the entrances and exits of your building. Would-be criminals are less likely to go through with a crime if they believe there is a good chance that a passer-by could spot them. Getting advice from a commercial lighting designer can help you create a good lighting plan for your property.

Take advantage of inexpensive monitoring systems.

Your building should have an alarm system that makes a noise when an unwelcome and unwanted intrusion occurs. In addition to that, though, you should also consider having some sort of monitoring system in place. These systems can be as sophisticated as you want, all to way up to systems that are monitored 24 hours by both people and computers looking for unusual activity. However, most commercial buildings don’t need that level of security. What they need are a couple cameras keeping an eye on things. There are tons of cameras on today’s market that don’t require expensive and time-consuming wiring to hook them up. Many of these cameras work through your building’s wifi so you can check in on what’s happening at your property from anywhere in the world. It’s a smart investment that won’t take a lot of time, money, or effort to get started but can really pay off big in the long run.

Encourage businesses to watch out for each other.

Businesses in and around your building should be using the buddy system. This means getting to know who is working next door so it’s more apparent when there are people who are out of place or in an area that they shouldn’t be. It’s tempting for business owners and the people who work for them to keep to themselves; after all, they are there to do a job. But part of that job should be to watch out for one another by forming a sort of “neighborhood watch committee.” If you don’t already have a system like this in place, start one. It’s a great way to get to know the people in your area and help each other out when needed.

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