When it comes to your small business, every little small decision matters. Everything plays together to form the bigger picture of “who” your business truly is, and things that don’t seem so important, like your commercial front door, might actually be playing an important role in how customers perceive your business!

Indeed, a business’s commercial front-door can have a big impact on the amount of customers that walk in. It’s not always a big factor, but it certainly can be depending on the location of your business and the nature of the service/product you offer! In this post, we’ll explore a few different commercial front doors, and what they might say about your business.

Glass Pane Door

The vast majority of commercial front doors are doors that are mostly comprised of a large glass pane. That is to say that almost the entire door is made up of glass, save for the frame, and in certain occasions, various embellishments. There are a few reasons why glass pane doors have become the de-facto commercial storefront door; there’s something about them that’s naturally inviting. It’s comforting to the customer when they can look in the door, and know immediately what’s inside the store.

Glass doors also offer a literal and figurative transparency to the business—businesses are ran by strangers and even though we intuitively trust most establishments we walk into, there’s a something about glass doors that are comforting to the subconscious mind.

Window Door

If you don’t go for the glass option, there’s always the option of going for the more “traditional” door, which is a door that has a window in the top half. This kind of door is welcoming, but it evokes more of an older classier feel than full panel glass doors. This kind of door would be good for “classic” establishments such as bookstores, or cozy local shops, because you’re able to evoke a more cozy and homey feel. Compared to the window door, the glass pane door feels conspicuously commercial in nature. Generally, the best choice of material for window doors is wood.

Solid Door

And of course, you can always opt for a door that has no kind of window or transparency at all. For most businesses, we recommend against this as your commercial front door, though there are occasional situations where it’s appropriate.

A solid door is ideal for businesses that aim to feel exclusive or taboo in nature. We discussed how glass panel doors are naturally the most welcoming type of door; it’s only appropriate then that a solid door is the least welcoming. Instead, it communicates a message that it’s either not easy to get into, or that what happens inside stays inside.

If your business only wants to attract the customers that are specifically seeking you out, or wants an air of exclusivity, consider a solid commercial front door. Clubs, dispensaries, adult stores, and even tattoo parlors are all examples where this kind of door might work.

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