In century past, doors and gates were fairly simple contractions. They were cloth hung from a door frame or wood slats put together with metal or other wood elements. However, today’s commercial doors are more complex and they need an expert to not only troubleshoot the problems that can occur with them, but to also perform repairs. It’s also important that a professional works on your door because the safety of your employees and customers depends on it. Proverbially flipping through the pages of history, there are too many stories of inadequate doors that proved to be safety hazards or worse. The functioning of your business and the investment of a functioning door depends on getting the service your doors need.

If your front doors, commercial garage doors, or any other door for your commercial building isn’t working like it used to, don’t delay. Call Houston’s Top Rated Commercial Door Service® for installation services. We have over a decade of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing commercial doors, so Houston, if you need someone who you can depend on, call our commercial door installation professionals!

Doors We Service

Commercial Door Service installs a variety of commercial doors and entryway systems including:

  • Fire Exit Doors
  • Storefront Doors
  • Security Doors
  • Wooden Doors
  • Plastic Laminate Doors
  • Metal Doors

You don’t need to settle for doors that aren’t working their best. Invest in your business and install new commercial doors. We can provide front commercial doors, fire commercial doors, or commercial entryway systems.  

When You May Need to Replace Your Commercial Doors

If your doors aren’t working like they used to, they might require much needed TCL or may need to be replaced entirely. When you call us, our service techs can ascertain when you need a repair or when you must replace your commercial doors altogether. Because we offer both repair and installation services, we are your one stop shop for your commercial door service needs. Though most commercial doors are made to take use and abuse there are a few reasons why your current doors may need to be retired.


Your door might be warped for a few different reasons. Extreme temperatures, especially those we feel here in Houston can wreak havoc on your commercial doors, especially hollow metal doors. For this reason, you will see your doors fail due to warpage near the middle of summer. If your door is warped, usually you must replace it.

Tip: If you think your door is failing to open or close like it used to due to warpage, check it during the hottest part of the day.


Depending on where your commercial door is located it might need replacement due to the amount of traffic that frequents it through the day. Doors in schools tend to fail or need maintenance sooner than those doors leading to your back room. If your door is in a high traffic zone and it continues to fail, you should consider installing a heavier-duty door. We can help with that!

Failure to Close

If your door fails to close or you feel like you need the strength of 50 men to close it, then your door needs the expertise of a commercial door repair service professional or may just need to be removed and a new door installed. There are a lot of reasons why your door might not be closing: a bad weatherstrip, building settling, mechanical malfunction, etcetera. In many cases, a new component can be installed. However, sometimes it is more cost effective to replace the entire door.

Top Rated Local® Commercial Door Services

If you are looking for a commercial door installation provider in the Houston area who has your back, look no further. Commercial Door Services technicians understand that essentially whenever they install a new commercial front door, commercial fire door, or other entryway system, they are business partners with you; our work directly affects the efficiency of your business and we take that seriously. Schedule an installation service with us today or contact us to learn more about first-time client deals and to get your questions answered!