We at Commercial Door Service pride ourselves in offering the Houston area high-quality, functional, reliable commercial fire doors. We understand what is at stake if your fire doors aren’t working properly, or your building was installed with ill-fitting doors. To learn more about the commercial fire doors we offer, our 24-hour emergency service or commercial door solutions that we provide, visit our website. Also, read recent blog posts to learn more about how to choose the proper doors for your building, periodic maintenance, Commercial Door Services’ commercial door solutions, and other relevant topics.

  1. The Differences Between Normal Doors and Fire Doors

    Differences Between Normal Doors and Fire Doors When it comes to commercial doors, building owners have a healthy variety of choices to choose from. While most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about doors until the time comes where they’re needed, the reality is that there’s a surpris…Read More

  2. Facts You Should Know About Your Commercial Fire Door

    Commercial fire doors are one of those things in a building that is easy to ignore but you'll be glad it is there if you need it. That's the case with most safety measures in a building, such as the overhead sprinkler system or the fire extinguisher. But there are actually a number of things that bu…Read More