The doors to our businesses in Houston are more important than we sometimes realize. They are not only the means that our clients access our businesses so that we can make a profit, but they also demonstrate who we are as a business by the effectiveness in how they work and also their style. What does your door say about you? Learn about this and more on the Commercial Door Service blog! We post regularly about those topics that are both practical and interesting. Check out our archive or read recent posts below. If you are in need of commercial door repair in Houston, visit our website.

  1. "history of the panic bar, part 2"

    History of the Panic — Bar Part 2

    Welcome back to the Commercial Door Service blog! Our blog is your one-stop shop for learning about all things relating to commercial door repair and installation service. We have been serving the Houston area since 1998 with unbeatable professional services. We understand that in providing your bus…Read More

  2. History of the Panic Bar

    If you are a new business owner in Houston or remodeling your Houston area business, you may have noticed that building codes require a particular type of door — a type of door that is very different from the doors that you typically find on your home. There are a lot of reasons for this. However,…Read More