1. History of the Panic — Bar Part 2

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  2. History of the Panic Bar

    If you are a new business owner in Houston or remodeling your Houston area business, you may have noticed that building codes require a particular type of door — a type of door that is very different from the doors that you typically find on your home. There are a lot of reasons for this. However,…Read More

  3. Troubleshooting Commercial Door Repairs

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  4. The Best Commercial Doors in Texas, Pt 2

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  5. The Best Commercial Doors in Texas, Pt 1

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  6. The Differences Between Normal Doors and Fire Doors

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  7. A Breakdown of the Different Types of Commercial Security Doors

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  8. 9 Commercial Fire Door Tips

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  9. 3 Common Commercial Door Repairs

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  10. 6 Tips For Buying a Commercial Security Door

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